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So here’s you: You love Alternative music and want to learn about a lot of exciting new cars, trucks and SUVs for 2015. You also heard about this little No Dough Show coming up on December 3rd with Bush. But man…there are going to be so many people trying to get into this show. What if you stand in line and can’t get in?? DISASTER.
…and then the clouds parted, and a single, magical sunbeam shines its light on the answer: Tickets & Test Drives from Continental Motors.

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Now turn your eyes to the right and check out that sign-up box. 2015 models from seven different automakers are hitting Continental Motors every day, including sedans the like All New 2015 Audi A3 as well as SUV crossovers like the all-new 2015 Nissan Murano and Honda HR-V. With just a little bit of info, someone from Continental Motors will reach out and get your test drive scheduled. Be one of the first 20 people to do so and you’re gonna walk away with Guaranteed Entry to the No Dough Show with Bush on December 3rd after your test drive!

101WKQX Listeners, Schedule a Test Drive with Continental Motors

Can’t decide which one you want to take for a spin? No problem. Lauren from 101WKQX has been test driving a bunch of sweet Continental rides all around Chicago and Naperville over the last few weeks to give you a head start on finding the right new ride for you. Be sure to keep listening to 101WKQX and following Lauren (@laurenoneil) for more info.

Oh, and don’t forget about this page. Even after this No Dough Show, Tickets & Test Drives will continue through the end of December, with many more chances for you to get into some great shows this fall!

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