How big is Chicago?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, FAQs on Thursday, June 25th, 2020 at 9:45 PM
Two cherubim hold a giant ruler over the city of Chicago in an attempt to measure its size

Chicago Area and Population Size

Chicago is a big city. But exactly how big is it? Join us below as we analyze a variety of measurements to give you an idea of the Windy City’s size!

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Where can I buy a used car with warranty coverage in the Chicago area?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, FAQs, Pre-Owned Vehicles on Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 at 9:28 PM
A salesman shakes a mans hand as a satisfying deal is made.

Continental Certified Program – CPO Used Vehicles at Continental Motors

Those looking to save money on the purchase of a vehicle tend to take a look into the possibility of buying used. However, several downsides are typically associated with a used vehicle purchase, with one of the major ones being reliability and warranty coverage. Is there anywhere one can buy a reliable used vehicle with warranty coverage near Chicago, IL?

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Are masks required in Chicago?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, FAQs on Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 at 4:18 PM
A clear-eyed woman in a city wears a mask and looks resigned.

Chicago Coronavirus Mask Laws

With laws varying across regions and no strict federal policy, there can be some confusion over what is currently required in terms of the coronavirus. Each state has, to some extent, been left to come up with their own rules. The result has been a patchwork quilt of various regulations across regions, states, districts and cities.

One rule that varies is the requirement of facemasks. Are people required to wear facemasks in public in Chicago?

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When will the economy re-open in Chicago?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, FAQs, News on Wednesday, May 6th, 2020 at 10:19 PM
A mask-wearing being with a body made of money floats through a representation of COVID-era Chicago as dollar bills billow around it.

Illinois Re-Opening Plan and Requirements from Governor JB Pritzker

Like citizens all across the country during this era of COVID-19, many quarantined Chicagoans are wondering when things will finally return to normal. The current crisis and subsequent safety measures blindsided America, and an urgent desire to get back to living the way they did just a few months ago has erupted in the form of frustrated protests across the country, like a child throwing a tantrum about having to spend the day in a classroom instead of playing outside.

A state of uncertainty has enveloped the nation, and such a state is highly unpleasant to some individuals. Many are eagerly attempting to conjure up a promised date as to when this will all be over. This is the same for Chicagoans as for those anywhere else. When is the economy going to re-open in Chicago?

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Where can I still go hiking and enjoy nature near Chicago during the COVID-19 quarantine?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, FAQs on Thursday, April 16th, 2020 at 8:31 PM
A cartoon man jauntily strolls through a beautiful forest, presumably somewhere near Chicago.

Hiking Trails and Nature Spots Still Open During the Illinois Stay At Home Order

In an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, Governor Pritzker has closed the national parks and sites in Illinois. The spots were simply too crowded to be responsibly allowed to continue operation. However, that doesn’t mean all of the natural world is off-limits.

Individuals are still allowed, and in some cases even encouraged, to leave their homes to get a breath of fresh air. So where can one still find hiking and chilling spots out in nature during the COVID-19 stay-at-home quarantine period?

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Are car dealerships open during quarantine in Illinois?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, FAQs, Local Happenings, News, Service & Parts on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 at 8:03 PM
A mask-wearing figure stands before the Chicago skyline and shrugs as he wonders whether car dealerships are still open during the pandemic.

Car Dealership COVID-19 Status

Governor Pritzker has issued a “stay-at-home order” for Illinois, meaning that all citizens should stay home unless an “essential reason” dictates they must leave. This has resulted in many individuals working from home, many businesses closing, and many, unfortunately, losing their jobs.

With these unprecedented circumstances, some are unsure about what qualifies as “essential” and what doesn’t. Cars are essential, right? So are car dealerships and service centers still open during this COVID-19 quarantine period in Illinois?

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What are the best car dealerships near Chicago?

By Product Expert | Posted in Accolades, Community, FAQs on Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 at 9:51 PM
A hand holds a trophy on an abstract background.

Award-Winning Car Dealerships in the Chicago Area

The automotive landscape is more competitive than ever these days. This is good news for the consumer, as dealerships climb over one another to offer the best free coffee, the fastest complimentary wi-fi, and of course the most pleasant, pain-free car shopping/buying/service experience possible.

One way to tell which dealership will deliver all of the above to the max is by looking at awards received. Continental Motors, a conglomerate of dealerships serving the whole Chicago area with many top brands, have been the proud recipients of a wide array of awards over the years. Read on below for an overview of the acclaim we’ve received for our tireless effort in delivering a top-notch experience to all customers.

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Where can I find historic gas stations near Chicago?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, FAQs on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 at 7:54 PM
Cartoon of a vehicle driving up route 66 past unique buildings, including a gas station.

Historic Gas Stations in the Chicago Area

Though these days one typically finds just a few brands of gas stations dominating the market, there are many more from years past that have since faded into the folds of history. Those who have frequented the Chicago area for longer than others may remember names like Sunoco, Sinclair, Gulf, Esso, Enco, Clark, Purple Martin, Texaco, City Services, Marathon and more.

Though these brands no longer service the area, the remains of what once was can still be discovered. This is particularly true along Route 66, a highway known for its historical significance. Read on to be introduced to some of the historic gas stations in Illinois.

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How much does a car cost in Chicago?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, FAQs, General Automotive on Friday, February 21st, 2020 at 7:28 PM
Chicago skyline framed by the lake and night sky.

Chicago Vehicle Cost-to-Own Rates

The payments made to a dealership are just part of the hit to one’s bank account that buying a car provides. In addition, there are the necessary recurring insurance payments, along with fuel costs, maintenance costs, and possibly other expenses like parking.

These monthly expenses are different depending on where one lives. You may have heard horror stories (or conceived them yourself) about the expenses of a vehicle when living in a big city. So how much does it cost to own a car in Chicago?

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How many cars are in Chicago?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, FAQs on Thursday, February 20th, 2020 at 10:48 PM
Many vehicles roll along a highway

Number of Chicago Commuter Vehicles

For out-of-towners who come to Chicago, one of the things they can’t help but note is the traffic. Namely, that there’s a lot of it. Even for residents, the amount of vehicles in the city can continue to blow minds when one stops to consider it.

As much as we find it intriguing, we’ve found it difficult to count all the vehicles and come up with an accurate number. So we’ve turned to the internet, and there, we’ve indeed found the answers we so desperately sought. So, how many vehicles are in Chicago?

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