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When will the economy re-open in Chicago?

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020
A mask-wearing being with a body made of money floats through a representation of COVID-era Chicago as dollar bills billow around it.

Illinois Re-Opening Plan and Requirements from Governor JB Pritzker

Like citizens all across the country during this era of COVID-19, many quarantined Chicagoans are wondering when things will finally return to normal. The current crisis and subsequent safety measures blindsided America, and an urgent desire to get back to living the way they did just a few months ago has erupted in the form of frustrated protests across the country, like a child throwing a tantrum about having to spend the day in a classroom instead of playing outside.

A state of uncertainty has enveloped the nation, and such a state is highly unpleasant to some individuals. Many are eagerly attempting to conjure up a promised date as to when this will all be over. This is the same for Chicagoans as for those anywhere else. When is the economy going to re-open in Chicago?


Are car dealerships open during quarantine in Illinois?

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020
A mask-wearing figure stands before the Chicago skyline and shrugs as he wonders whether car dealerships are still open during the pandemic.

Car Dealership COVID-19 Status

Governor Pritzker has issued a “stay-at-home order” for Illinois, meaning that all citizens should stay home unless an “essential reason” dictates they must leave. This has resulted in many individuals working from home, many businesses closing, and many, unfortunately, losing their jobs.

With these unprecedented circumstances, some are unsure about what qualifies as “essential” and what doesn’t. Cars are essential, right? So are car dealerships and service centers still open during this COVID-19 quarantine period in Illinois?