New Honda Model Research

full view of the Honda Accord

Honda Accord

Drivers looking for a powerful midsize car that packs a punch, while offering affordable fuel economy may have found their match in the Honda Accord. Available as a sedan, coupe, hybrid and more, it’s a great choice for a variety of drivers.

2018 Honda Accord
exterior front of the Honda Clarity

Honda Clarity

Those looking to save on fuel – or cut it out of their budget completely – should turn to the new Honda Clarity. This unique new model comes as an Electric, Plug-In Hybrid or Fuel Cell, giving shoppers plenty of alternative fuel options.

full view of the Honda Civic

Honda Civic

One of the brand’s most popular model, the Honda Civic offers precise performance, affordable fuel economy and a comfortable interior to appeal to a wide audience. Also adding to its desirability is its long list of body styles.

 2018 Honda Civic
full view exterior of the Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

Versatile and practical, the Honda CR-V is a great choice for Chicago families looking for a spacious and comfortable vehicle. In terms of size, the CR-V sits between the HR-V and the Pilot for a well-rounded design and drive.

overhead full view of the Honda Fit

Honda Fit

Sporty and youthful, the Honda Fit is as spacious as compact hatchbacks come. It’s also available with a variety of sporty and bright exterior colors, dynamic handling, affordable fuel economy and advanced driver tech for a top-notch driving experience.

full view overhead view of the Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V

The most compact SUV model in the Honda lineup, the Honda HR-V is practical, dynamic, sporty and stylish. Great for city drivers, it offers space passengers need, as well as the option of extra cargo space, making it great for hauling furniture, groceries, pets and more!

exterior rear of the new Honda Insight

Honda Insight

Offering a completely modern design and drivetrain, the new and upcoming Honda Insight looks to bring the practicality, ability, and efficiency of electric vehicles to the forefront of the automotive industry. This practical EV offers space, comfort, and style to spare.

full view of the Honda Pilot with a bike on top

Honda Pilot

The largest SUV available from Honda, the new Honda Pilot has what modern families are looking for from an everyday vehicle – space, comfort, practicality, affordability, and technology. The Pilot comes equipped with all of the features and technologies needed to keep the whole family happy and entertained.

full view of the Honda Odyssey driving in the city

Honda Odyssey

For those looking for even more space than that found I the Pilot, the Honda Odyssey is here for you. Offering all of the passenger and cargo space you need to transport family, friends, pets, and gear, this modern minivan is as practical as it is stylish.

full view of the Honda Ridgeline driving off road with dirt bikes in the back

Honda Ridgeline

Drivers looking for power and capability need a pickup truck that’s not afraid to take on some hard work. That’s where the Honda Ridgeline comes in. This powerful pickup truck offers the towing, hauling and comfort elements you need, both on and off the job site.